JBM attends Defence Innovation Talks

On 2-3/6, it was the Defence Innovation Talks by ΠΤΗΣΗ and Crowdpolicy. The event two-day event was an excellent opportunity for JBM to learn and discover new challenges and ideas in the field of Defence.

Published 4/06/2022

by Michail Filippou

The discussion about the Greek defense industry is again relevant due to the important armament programs that are in progress, as well as those that are expected. The event had two main sections, attempting reconstruction and international collaborations, participation in foreign programs, and export activity.

Experts in the field such as Intracom Defence, Ucandrone, Aeroservices , Scytalys will describe both the current image of the Greek defense industry and its prospects for serving our national needs. What products are offered, in which equipment programs can they actually participate, in what areas do they have know-how, how can they be developed. At the same time, the relevant institutional framework will be examined and how this can be improved, in order to build a national defense production, with long-term planning. Next,  we will examine the current action of Greek companies, which either independently, or in consortia, or as subcontractors, have managed to make their presence felt outside Greece. Representatives of Greek and foreign companies that work with them, will present the successes, the difficulties they faced, as well as the prospects for greater industrial and research participation in international projects.