JBM in Sustainability Incubator Program

JBM took part in the Sustainability Hacathon, hosted by LIDL Hellas, Laskaridis Foundation and Crowdpolicy.

JBM implemented the “Water Manager“, a solution to the reckless waste of water and managed to won the competition! The 5 teams who managed to won the hacathon, passed in the next phase, the incubator program.

Published 08/06/2022

by Vassilis Xiros

The incubator program is running and JBM is working hard othe their “Water Manager” project. Our goal is to complete our MVP product and run our first pilot program within the next months. In November 2022, the final phase will be between the 5 teams, one team will be the winner. Till then, JBM will do its best to present the “Water Manager” and its route to success.