OUR Products

always with ai

Every product that we carefully create utilizes cutting-edge data driven technologies to fully take advantage the data abundance of our age.

Smart Traffic Light

An end-to-end platform for dynamic controlling of traffic lights in the city. Smart agents are used to understand the flow of the traffic and distribute it efficiently.

Our platform uses sensors and cameras to detect road traffic. Through state-of-the-art trained smart agents the traffic lights are able to dynamically change the frequency that they alternate between red and green, making the traffic flow the best possible. 

drop of water in ocean

Water manager

Water Manager is an end-to-end platform to manage and analyze the water consumption in a household and in a provider level

This product utilizes cheap and effective sensors to calculate water consumption on many different water using spots in each house, sinks, bathroom, etc. while also calculating the total consumption.

Using machine learning method we decide if a household is consuming more water that it should, based on each properties, while at the same time providing easy to use and understand dashboards for the total consumption.  

Job Searching and Job Matching by JBM

JoB MaTching

A smart tool to match resumes with available job positions, using Deep Learning to utilize the job descriptions in the best way possible.

Through Deep Learning techniques we create a platform that is able to find the best available for each candidate. The whole resume is processed and is giving to the candidate the best job recommendations.